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They say

Real and Raw

Sarah Eddy

Kristen Weaver is absolutely fabulous! Taking Kristen’s Watermark Workshop was the best investment I have made in my business this year. I appreciate every last detail that she shared with me and the other attendees, from hands on advice in photographing to the details of photography legal information. Kristen has such a wealth of knowledge. She is so real and raw, and provided a wealth of knowledge. Watermark Workshop is amazing. I am still trying to implement everything she taught. It was the perfect workshop before diving into another year of doing what I love, wedding photography. Go, be amazed, and soak in every last detail that Kristen provides

Money Talk

Jenn Guthrie

Kristen supplied us with tons of information packets on everything she covered, sample templates, and some seriously cute packaging! She also wasn’t afraid to talk money with us, which I really appreciated. She showed us how to create a calculator/spreadsheet to help us figure out what we should be charging in order to make the amount of money we are hoping to net.

No Fluff

Alicia Johnson

As I researched what the Watermark Workshop offered I discovered it was just what I was looking for – no fluff and all business instruction from one of the best wedding photographers in Florida! We covered unimaginable amounts of information. Topics ranged from marketing, networking, social media, client relationships, business practices, business tools, contracts, finances, SEO, wedding albums, and more. Her openness, cleverness, and business savvy tips were just what I was looking for as I launch my new business.

Eye Opening

Stephanie Dishman

To say it was eye-opening is an understatement. If you're just starting out, or you've been in business for a while she has something to teach you. It's basically like having someone sift through countless hours of research on how to build a better business, and then just handing over the cliff notes to you. She goes over everything from social media, to SEO, to the trends in our current target market. All things that I've wanted desperately to learn about (as should every business owner), but haven't had enough time to research myself (because, you know, I'm busy running my business).


PJ Saffran / PSJ Photography

The Watermark Workshop is like a nutritious, calorie packed energy bar full of all the good stuff your body could ever need. But, instead of an oat bar chock with nuts it’s a business intensive course full of knowledge that will help flourish your photography business. Kristen Weaver does not hold back in sharing everything she has learned throughout her years as a business owner. From information on blogging, SEO, branding running a successful business, taxes and photography resources everything is touched upon. I have attended other workshops in the past and finally feel that I have learned all I can from teachers in the field. KWP has set me up with the tools to take my business to the next level. As a cherry on top, Kristen and her awesome team set-up a brilliant styled wedding shoot for her attendees to photograph beside her!