Eu-Mexico Trade Agreement 2020

And the new agreement will allow the EU and Mexico to discuss with civil society a number of issues such as human rights, including: the EU and Mexico have both agreed that the trade agreement between them must support and not reduce or water down existing environmental legislation. The agreement prohibits both sides from pursuing “a race to the bottom.” On 28 April 2020, the EU and Mexico concluded the last outstanding element of negotiations on their new trade agreement, namely the exact scope of reciprocal opening of public procurement at the sub-central level. Since agriculture accounts for just over one per cent of EU GDP, the threat posed by Mexican products outside the agricultural environment cannot cause much suffering. Instead, companies and wealthy individuals may be more interested in the terms of the agreement, which facilitate investment in each market, by limiting the number of companies likely to engage in specific economic activity. Changes in food standards may make headlines, but new investment criteria will determine where real money will end up. “The new type of commitment signed by the EU and Mexico guarantees the stability and credibility on which investors and exporters can reliably build their long-term investment and distribution channel decisions,” said De Biévre. “There is a policy and legal certainty – a property that is now a great shortage in the United States. For Mexico, a stable and deep trade relationship with one of the three main players in international trade policy, the EU, is an important insurance policy. As part of the ongoing evaluation, the contractor organizes several workshops to gather input from stakeholders. The assessment will inform EU negotiators of the measures they may need to incorporate into the agreement to offset potentially negative environmental effects and ensure they are incorporated into EU environmental policy. Whatever a Member State`s decision, the trade agreement with Mexico or the Lisbon Treaty borders, the eighth round of negotiations took place in Mexico City from 8 to 7 January 2018.

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