Exotic Car Rental Agreement

All local customers who wish to rent within the state are welcome to rent any vehicle of their choice. There are no restrictions for local tenants. Customers must have a full insurance certificate for damage to third parties or their property, as well as collision insurance and comprehensive insurance covering each Milani Exotic Car Rental vehicle while it is leased. If the Milani Exotic Car Rental agent is unable to verify the proof if he calls the insurance, the rental transaction will be refused. Another typical customer is the small 30-year-old male entrepreneur, who doesn`t have enough disposable income to buy an exotic car, he says. When you book your car, we check the total amount of your credit card rental, but you will not be charged until you receive your vehicle. “SunPass” is included in each of our rental cars. Exotic sports cars offer the arc of the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ford GT to the Ferrari 360 Modena and the Maserati Spyder F1. Sports convertibles and roadsters include a Cobra Roadster, a Porsche Boxster and the mini Cooper S MC40 Sport Sedan. Vehicles in the luxurious two- and four-person convertible fleet range from the Mercedes AMG CL55 Sports Coupe to the Mercedes CLK320 Convertible to the BMW M3 Convertible. 9. payment of taxes; Other charges: If you deduct another person`s or credit card fee, you declare and guarantee that you have the right to do so. If you use a credit card to pay your fees, you authorize Legends Van Rentals to book credits and process a voucher with the card for all estimated fees at the time of the rental, for any additional charges after the end of the rent, and for the fees corrected during the review and notification by Legends Van Rentals, if the law allows.

If the person or organization you charge us does not pay the fee if they are due, you agree to guarantee their obligations and you will pay the fee immediately upon request. Fees that are not paid if they are not due or paid by an unpaid cheque returned to Legends Van Rentals are subject to a tax for late payments in accordance with Section 7 and/or the refunded cheque fee of $50.00 per default, as a partial refund of Legends Van Rentals` administrative expense. You are responsible and you pay Legends Van Rentals, on request, all amounts due to the overload of the vehicle, including, but not exclusively, to: All time and mileage charges calculated on the rental file, the mileage being determined by the dasometer. 
All fees for taxes, authorizations, service and equipment, excessive wear or locked keys in the vehicle and non-collision (CDW) or insurance products when purchased. 
For every key lost, the $250.00 plus mail or delivery fee, if any. 
one. A refuelling tax at the stated price. If you don`t buy fuel from Legends Van Rentals at the beginning of your rental (fuel purchase option) and return the vehicle with less fuel than at the front desk.

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