Isograph License Agreement

A standalone license is linked to a single PC. For any trial license or other license request, please email us at: (UK & Rest of the World) or (US & Canada) Please click on the titles to learn more. Many software products are available to all faculties, staff and students. However, some are intended for certain academic or group uses. In cases where a license is called “network” (unlike “Standalone”), this name refers to the condition that the license is linked or not to a license server on campus. The standalone version of the license is the best installation option for laptops that can be used on or off campus. The network license is suitable for desktop or service computers. Licenses are issued by e-mail after the purchase of the software. First of all, we issue temporary licenses until payment is received. Please contact

To discuss prices Most of the titles listed below require the purchase of a license or require the user to be a member of the group that owns the software. If you need a particular software and don`t see it in the list of software below or want more information about a title, you can do so via email at This generates a ticket to track your issue. You will receive an update to your ticket advising you to download the software in question or, in some cases, you will be redirected to your specialist installation advisor. If you need to purchase a license, please provide the title, desired quantity and end user name. Please send an e-mail for more information. The most frequently asked questions are listed below. If the answer to your question does not appear here, please email us at A concurrent use license can be verified on any PC on your network (subject to the terms of your license agreement).

We currently have no online shopping system. Please email us at We can accept an order by e-mail or fax, with payment on a 30-day account or by credit card. Please visit the Product Selection page and select the product you are interested in. Please provide your contact information so that we can provide you with an installation password and provide technical support for your evaluation. . . .

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