Tenancy Agreement For Furnished House

23. In the event of a breach by the landlord of any of the lessor`s obligations or agreements, the lessee may inform the lessor ten days in advance in order to remedy the breach, indicating in writing how such agreements and agreements have been breached. If this infringement is not cured within this period of ten days or if the appropriate measures to achieve this cure are not initiated within this period of ten days and, thereafter, until the hardening of the infringement, the rent provided for in this contract is deducted in full from the date on which they expired ten days before the expiry of the notice period, until the lessor has not committed the offence provided for in this paragraph. has completely healed. 8. The tenant may only use the rented premises for a private residence for the occupation of persons not exceeding _____ unless otherwise specified, and the tenant may not modify the house, outbuildings or land without the written consent of the lessor. 1. The lessor rents the furnished premises described above for a period of _____ starting with ____________of_____________________ As a rule, the rental contract has a duration of 6 or 12 months. 28. This lease represents the entire agreement between the parties. No amendments shall be made except in writing, signed and dated by each party. Failure to enforce any right or appeal under this Agreement, as well as payment and acceptance of rent under this Agreement, shall not be deemed waivers by either party of such right or appeal, in the absence of a writing as provided thereof.

4 11. [Your name] must not keep or have in or on the rented house any dangerous, flammable or explosive items or objects that could be considered “dangerous” by a responsible insurance company. 12. [Your name] must immediately notify Carol or her representative of any dangerous, defective, uncertain or emergency condition in or on the rented premises, such notification being made in all appropriate ways. Carol or her representative must immediately repair and correct these conditions upon receipt of [your name]`s notice. 13. [Your name] agrees that they are not allowed to commit or tolerate nuisances on the site or on the site and that they and their household members must not engage in conduct towards businesses that may significantly affect the comfort or safety of occupants of neighboring buildings. 14.

[Her name] will allow Carol or her representatives to access any reasonable and legitimate use at reasonable times. Except in a compelling emergency, Carol or her agents must inform [your name] at least 24 hours in advance of the intention to request access, the date and time access is requested, and the reason for such request. . . .

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