The Power Of Agreement Prayer Sermon

God answers prayers that correspond to His will. The POA brought encouragement, consolation, unity and strength when Jesus made his request before God. An agreement leads to friendship, as two or more people must be involved with common opinions or background. The first condition in the process of the agreement is to have at least one friend, in other words; You must have at least one preferred companion to begin the agreement process. This is why Amos 3:3 asked the question: “Do two go together, unless they have agreed on this? It is not the Lord`s intention that a Christian online casino is a lonely ranger because He knows that there is great strength in unity. If two or more people gather in His name, Jesus Himself, with all His power and majesty, will be in their midst. It becomes easier to praise and worship God. It becomes easier to talk to God and about God. Faith is united and strengthened; Prayers are listened to and answered more quickly because the one we pray is not only present, but is closely involved in prayer. 2. It can also be said that there must be an agreement to leave or not with a request from God, with a project, etc. The Bible says, “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to live together… Ps 133:1-3 It is clear from today`s study that many powerful spiritual tasks can be accomplished by agreement. This is the main reason why the devil does not want unity and convergence between people who must have relationships.

Check it out, is there a way to allow the enemy to spend a day on the ground because you refuse to agree with someone you have a relationship with? May the Lord give us the grace to do what is right. The POA is extremely powerful because the invisible presence of Jesus manifests itself. Will the answer to prayer bring glory to God or to you? God does not share His glory with anyone; Not even you. We need to clarify our priority before accepting, accepting or approving, especially wives and husbands, because your decisions based on your agreements will determine the strength of your marriage. Note: Although the early Church at that time had only the writings of the OT, it was well known that God is a God of righteousness. Their prayers focused on promises such as: To agree is to be in unity. It is as one. So here is the formula of the prayer of concordance: the Church believed in prayer and they lived by the strength of the prayer of concordance.

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