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Bumby came to the Watermark Workshop all the way from Orlando, Florida! While she didn’t necessarily travel far, she brings a big punch in a little package! Bumby has her skill set down – from shooting to final edit – but wanted to get a little extra boost from the business side. I was thrilled to help her take her photography business to the next level – and have loved seeing her put all her inspiration to paper!

Here’s her review of her time in our studio:

“A few months ago I attended a business photography workshop. The Watermark Workshop by Kristen Weaver Photography. Each year I pick one workshop to attend that will help build my business. After several years of attending shooting and technique workshops. I needed something different. Something to do with business. Something to give me that push to take my business to the next level. This was exactly what I needed. Kristen’s willingness to open her business to her attendees and show us the nitty gritty of the it all. It was an unbelievable eyeopening experience. I walked away with so many wonderful tidbits and nuggets. I learned of programs and apps I had no idea existed that have already made a huge difference in my day to day. Her workbooks of information she shared have literally sat by my computer each day. They have become my business bibles. I kid you not. As I type this post I am looking at one of the books and marking off what next I want to tackle in my business.

While this was a true business workshop, Kristen still manage to make it a comfortable learning environment. Sitting on couches or the floor (on a comfy rug of course) with our shoes off while shoving our faces of snacks and caffeine was the best way to spend two days.  Shoving our faces with yummy snacks and brains of business material.

After 2 days of intense business talk, my brain was on GOOD overload. I went home my first night and looked at what could I incorporate into my business to help it grow. By the end of day of day two I couldn’t wait to get started. It has taken me a few months to write this as I am still soaking in the workshop. I am slowly incorporating things I learned into my business. While they are small, I am finally seeing my business head in a direction I had no idea it could grow.

At the end of day two we had some photo-therapy as I call it. Her team put together an amazing inspirational shoot. Thank you so much the KWP team, Kristen and all the fabulous vendors who created Yucatan Daydreaming Inspirational Shoot.”

Check out more of Bumby’s work below!

Blog link to her Yucatan Daydream shoot:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bumbyphotography/
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