What Does This Mean Violent Agreement

What does the term “violent agreement” mean? Perhaps, when arguing with friends or couples, we should take a step back and take note of what we agree on. The government`s objectives have been fairly well defined since 1787: does anyone really want to change the preamble to the Constitution? We differ in terms of resources, and those differences are important: how should the government live up to its responsibilities and how should we pay for what we are willing to do? But it`s far from different for fundamental purposes. If they are so passionately interested in the fact that their path is right, that no one is progressing, then they are in violent agreement. I have heard that this term means either strongly agree or “I agree with the overall plan, but I do not agree with the details of the plan.” Please help me solve this problem. Relationships can collapse when people forget what brought them together and should keep them together. We should be more careful that our relationships with each other as citizens and compatriots do not end in divorce, when all we need is downtime and more respectful listening. It`s not the last, but it`s not quite the first either. It is a sentence that describes a situation where two or more people are aggressively trying to make the same point, but in different terms. You can suddenly recognize and say, “I think we`re in a violent agreement about this.” It`s a game with the more literal notion of dimly violent agreement (where people scream, get beaten, or worse). LAURA: Okay, so, uh, thank you both of you for being here on the show. I would like to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself. TERRENCE: Of course. Uh, I`m Terrence Donnelly.

And I`m the CEO and co-founder of Teeps. JOSHUA: And I`m Josh. And I`m the co-founder of Teeps. I take care of the business and marketing. LAURA: All right. It`s so great to have them here. Okay, so tell me about Teeps. TERRENCE: Of course, uh, yes. We are an agency for the development of mobile applications.

Um, companies are hiring us to transform their business via mobile devices. Um, for example, companies like Orlando Health, um, companies like The Orlando Magic, they need an innovation team to create a mobile app for them and create a mobile experience, uh, but they have too much to do internally to be able to do it. So they hire us to be that team. LAURA: That`s great. I love it, as you said. “Because your first answer to that question was that you`re transforming your business through mobile. Is that what you said? I love it. Oh wow. TERRENCE: It`s in our work with Fervr. LAURA: Oh, very cool. Fervr.

TERRENCE: Do you understand, do you know how to communicate a little better what we do. LAURA: Yes. Oh wow. Good job. “Because I was – yes, it`s really convincing and listeners may remember that we had Shay* from Fervr in a previous episode, so awesome..

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